BHT is presently a new direction in hair transplantation development. BHT is a kind of FUE. In this technique hair is picked from different body parts than the head. The most common places of hair picking are: chin, chest and armpits. An indication to this kind of procedures is the inadequate quantity of transplants necessary to obtain satisfying results.
The surgery is also done under local-infiltration anesthesia. A place prepared for hair picking must be shaved. Hair for the transplantation must be approximately 2-3 mm long.
To collect hair units Dr. Vikas uses special transplant needles of a diameter of 0,75mm. Applied needles allow picking hair- separate units in the least invasive way. With these needles the skin gets damaged as little as possible and thus the invisible scars are formed. On a previously prepared and marked place of transplantation the apertures are made for separate hair units. It is more comfortably for a patient to be in a lying position during this part of the surgery when separate hair units are inserted in the apertures. After the surgery, a patient with the dressing may go home.
The quoted cost of the surgery is the average cost of the hair transplantation surgery (1000 units). The final price of the surgery depends on the quantity of implants.

Dear Users! Due to the fact that hair transplant is a complicated procedure and not everyone qualifies, please refrain from booking this treatment directly. Please, send us photos first (back of the head, place of hair loss), so that Clinic, can accept you for procedure. Also, after consult with surgeon, you will learn about exact price for the procedure. Please contact us on info[at] Thank you for your understanding!