These are procedures done to reduce the baggy lower eyelids or puffy lower eyelids or loose upper eyelids. These bags under the eyes produce an aged or tired look to the face. The upper eyelid bags can restrict peripheral vision, reducing the field of vision and hence needs to be corrected.

The procedure involves making a cut under the eyelids and removing the excess skin and fat under the eyelids to give a better look. Similar procedure is done for the upper eyelids too. Requires proper evaluation and planning. In milder cases just a peel or injection of fillers may give good results.

Sometimes if excess skin is removed there may be an everted (inside out) eyelid, called “ectropion”, hence the surgeon may err on the side of leaving a little behind rather than removing more and causing this problem. Though all care is taken to prevent such complications, rarely bleeding can occur, where in blood collects behind the eyes, called a retrobulbar hematoma which can even lead to blindness in rare cases. If a hematoma occurs then it has to be evacuated.