Double Chin Correction

It is seen that with ageing the forehead skin also becomes loose and this can be seen by the fact that the eyebrows, which ideally have to be in a convex curve upwards, with the maximum convexity just a little to the side of the mid-point, becomes flat, or it lies below the bony margin of the eye socket.

This is a type of limited face-lift where only the forehead skin is tightened and lifted up along with the eyebrows. This can be done via an incision within the hair bearing area or by endoscopy. Once the skin is lifted, it is hitched to the bone by suspension sutures or screws. A tight pressure bandage is given to help the skin get attached to the new position. Later on, the patient is required to wear a head band for a few months. The patient may experience a little numbness later on, which will recover slowly.