Moles & Cysts Excision

Moles are collections of pigmented cells within layers of the skin. These can occur anywhere in the body, but the ones on the face are a cause for concern for patients who then come for removal.

In the West, there is a medical indication for mole removal. Because of their fairer skin type, with increased exposure to the sun, there is a fear of the moles turning malignant. In India, because of our pigmented skin, the incidence of transformation is less as compared to the West.

Depending on the size of the lesion, it could be curetted out or excised, or excised and grafted. Removal always leaves a scar behind. Most of the times, it is placed in such a way that it merges with the skin creases’ and are not readily visible. Though more prominent initially, the scars mature and become less visible with time.

After excision, if in doubt, the lesions are sent for microscopic examination which will give us the true nature of the lesion.