The Importance of Growth Factors in the Success of Your Stem Cell Therapy

There are many types of stem cells used in stem cell therapy today. The most common and safest is autologous stem cell therapy, which uses one’s own stem cells collected from one’s own peripheral blood.

It is well known that the age of the donor (you, in the case of autologous stem cell therapy) and the donor’s level of growth factors, such as IGF-1, growth hormone, testosterone, and estrogen, are directly proportional to the age, number, and quality of the donor’s stem cells.

In order to have a good quantity and quality of stem cells collected, we check the levels of the above-mentioned growth factors in the donor before starting the therapy.

We recommend bringing growth factors up to their optimal levels in case the levels of growth factors in you are deficient due to age or health status, in order to maximize the rate of success of your stem cell therapy.