Kosmedix SculptorBody™ is a safe, non-surgical treatment that combines natural biological medicine with the latest technology in the cosmetic field to eliminate fat, sculpt, and tone the body at the same time. It can be used from spot fat reduction and liposculpting to obesity.

 Kosmedix SculptorBody™ helps the client to get quick results without compromising their health, motivating them to reach and maintain their goals. Every treatment is personalized, taking into account certain factors such as physique, age, metabolism, and any medical condition that the client may have. SculptorBody™ is appropriate for people of all ages, sex, and medical conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes type 2, thyroid conditions, and other diseases. In fact, many clients have been able to either reduce or completely stop taking their medications for such conditions after completing a SculptorBody™ treatment.