Adult Autologous Stem cell are taken from the body's adipose tissue Stemcell are separeted from the adipose cells through a centrifugal process and it was cultured in increase stem cell content and re added to purified adipose tissue. Stem Cell will be injected to the breast as the requirement of the patients. 

What does Kosmedix AAA Stemcell offer?

Confidence, Comprehensive services and Breakthroughs


We provide a service that can bring you that extra confidence you may need to succeed, plus you can be confident that our treatment is completely safe and natural.

Comprehensive Services

We specialize in Adult Autologous Adipose Stem Cell services, providing our customers with a complete and convenient service for Breast Augmentation, with a suggested cell banking and therapy option.


Our breast augmentation procedures uses the most advanced and effective techniques that are available today, using stem cells which are quickly becoming a medical phenomenon.