The first visible signs of ageing appear in the face. Usually consultation is sought by the patient to improve facial skin quality and to tighten it. Sagging of forehead skin, sagging of cheek fat, prominent nasolabial folds (the crease between the cheek and the lip) and jowling (skin folds hanging by the sides of the jaws) are the visible signs. The neck folds or turkey neck, as they are called, are also visible. A face-lift is a procedure performed to tighten the facial and neck skin, thereby producing a youthful appearance by effacing the deep folds. The incision or cut is hidden in front and behind the ear and within the hairline. A formal face-lift involves raising the skin right from the ears to the lips and pulling the skin up and back, while simultaneously tightening the SMAS, which is the thin muscular layer under the skin to help tighten it and keep it that way. The excess skin is excised (cut)and removed. Post operative care is very important, as the patients have a tremendous amount of swelling and may even have their eyes shut because of the swelling. Most of the swelling goes down by the first week but numbness and tingling sensation may persist until about 4-6 months after the procedure. You are also required to wear pressure garments and supports to keep the skin in its new position. As the swelling goes down and things start settling, the results will be better appreciated. Face-lifts require a lot of co-operation from patients, in the sense that they have to go through the waiting time until the swelling subsides and the numbness settles down. Also they have to refrain from smoking at least 10 days in advance and 15 days post-operatively to prevent complications like skin necrosis. The results of the procedure are long lasting, but over a period of time the effects of gravity and ageing do take a toll and the jowling and sagging skin may recur. Facial Skin Rejuvenation is achieved by a variety of procedures through both surgical and non- surgical procedures including;

Skin lighteners * Chemical peel * Skin resurfacing * Chemical peeling